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Kitchen Loft

The kitchen loft is one of the most significant transformations that the kitchen has developed in decoration and interior design. Its incorporation into the living room and dining room, forming a single loft-type environment that is more welcoming, accessible, and bright.The equipment has to be effective, comfortable, safe and guarantee the user’s freedom of movement to function in the best conditions. The most advisable thing is to distribute the furniture so that we obtain a work triangle with the operational areas located on different fronts (water area, cooking area, and storage area).Both the peninsulas and the work islands are elements typical of the most comfortable rooms that must always respect a passage area with a minimum width of 120 cm to not hinder the opening of doors and drawers. This rethinking of the space supposes a new concept that goes beyond the kitchen-office. In other words, it becomes a multipurpose room where in addition to working and eating, one can coexist. It is common to arrange the equipment on one, two, or three fronts and create a peninsula that partially delimits the operational area from the rest of the room elements and becomes a bar for meals and breakfasts.

Benefits of Kitchen Loft

Lofty Kitchens

One of the most significant transformations that the kitchen has developed in the world of decoration and interior design is its incorporation into the living room and dining room, forming a single loft-like environment that is more welcoming, accessible, and bright. This rethinkingmakes it a multipurpose room where one can live together in addition to working and eating. One of the most used ways to obtain a lofty kitchen is comprising a peninsula that partiallylimits the operational area from the rest of the elements of the room and also becomes a bar for meals and rethinking. Placing each module at the appropriate height, respecting the minimum distances between electrical appliances, and simplifying the system for opening and closing doors and drawers are necessary aspects for a functional and comfortable kitchen. This lofty kitchen gives the furniture more dynamism, and the furniture tends to lose its rigidity to enhance the feeling of lightness in its different compositions. The kitchen loft is possibly the most complicated room to integrate into a loft. In addition to decoration, the kitchen activitiesmust be integrated into the rest of the house without having certain inconveniences such as odors or dirt that can invade the rest from space.

Ways to decorate the kitchen loft

Here are some proven ways so that your kitchens loftare a part of the house without diminishing the rest of the environments’ importance.

  1. First of all, you have to think about the space which is going tomoveto cook. It is where not only fires come in but also the work zone. Many people opt to furnish a wall as if it were a kitchen and think that they have already accomplished their mission, but then you have to decide where to eat. It is time to ask yourself if you will eat in the kitchen area, install a dining table or an American bar, or eat in the living room area.
  2. You also have to ask yourself where to store not only kitchen tools but also food. Making a hole for the pantry is a very successful solution, either in the same kitchen area or in some ledge of the kitchen loft where you can put shelves or store non-perishable food. Another option you have is to do as the house owner that you see at the beginning of the post, which is to place the pans and saucepans hanging from the ceiling to make better use of the space.
  3. The applianceshould also be taken into account, since not having a door where kitchen space, you have to get a good exhaust smoke and airtight ovens. Ideally, there should be a window near the kitchen area to prevent the whole house from smelling food.
  4. Kitchen Lofts are known for having high ceilings, but for cooking, as for doing any work, there must be adequate light. Hence, we recommend that you install good light bulbs both in the work area and in the vicinity of the stove to check the status of food at all times. Do not hesitate to put all the extra lamps you need, although the light is more suggestive in the rest of the house. In theory, you will not have romantic dinners in the kitchen, while you will need as much light as possible so as not to cut your finger while cutting the ham.Finally, think about installing a different floor in the kitchen area. The kitchen floor is the one that suffers the most from the sauces or liquids that get on it. The fat that leaps out of the pan while you fry broth overflowing from a plate. No matter the situation: theCielo of the kitchen is the most punished in the house. I recommend that you try to put a particular floor in this area or protect it with some carpet type that collects all these remains.