Modular Kitchen Manufacturer


A kitchen with various modules (cabinets) assembled together forms a modular kitchen. 

It is called modular because it is composed of standard units or sections for easy construction or flexible arrangement.

A carpenter converts the site into a small workshop and builds everything manually. The modular kitchen is manufactured and assembled only at the site.

Modular kitchens are accelerating with the advancement of technology and approach. We offer you a spectrum of colors, patterns, and functionalities to simplify your life. 

With food and cooking become a subject of high pride, people love to have their kitchens to reflect luxury, comfort, and superior quality.

You can choose from a range of colors and designs to create the kitchen of your dreams. There are several shutter options available for your kitchen. 

A kitchen without appliances is an imperfect efficient workplace. A wide-ranging variety of accessories are available. Since SLEPUNE have their own manufacture unit for kitchen appliances and Accessories, we help you to choose the right kitchen appliances and accessories.

Build a new kitchen is a very exciting thing. And we know that you take great care to finalize its appearance. You can visit our store and see how things fit together. Our assembled kitchen displays help you choose colors, designs, and materials. Our designers in the store will help you find the right choice for your kitchen needs.

They understand your needs and catalyze performance, tools, budget, and timeline. Once you agree with the proposed plans, they will implement it. In a few weeks, your new kitchen will be ready.

The best way is to first prepare a mental blueprint of your needs for the kitchen area, the number of utensils, the amount of storage space, and your daily habits. Considered every family member’s advice and requirements which also help to design your dream kitchen.

The cost of a modular kitchen depends on many aspects Such as Size, Materials, hardware, number of shelves, type of basket, drawer system and used accessories, etc. these things should be considered in calculating the budget.