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Why Do You Need Stainless Steel Safety Door in Your Home?

Are you thinking of replacing your safety door or installing a new stainless steel safety door in your newly constructed home? There are so many reasons why you may need a safety door built from high-quality stainless steel materials. Unlike other doors out there, a stainless-steel door is reliable, durable, and offers absolute protection. 
As much as the cost may be frightening, but you’ll have peace of mind for years to come. Wood, steel, and aluminium can be ideal depending on your situation, but you may regret your choice in the long run. As such, we shall include all the facts you need to know about stainless steel safety doors.

Why is Stainless steel safety door famous today?

Even though there are other reliable materials that consumers can choose for safety doors, many of them only seem to be interested in stainless steel. Well, stainless steel has a high resistance to abrasion and wear, which makes it ideal for security doors. Furthermore, it’s durable and more decadent and will not deform or warp under heat or force. 
In vandalism cases, security doors made of stainless steel are likely to stay still, unlike other materials. The only shortcoming of stainless-steel security doors is that the process of making them can be costly, but you’ll love the result, which is worth investing in. 

Advantages of installing Stainless steel safety Doors

We don’t know the worth of the property you’ll be keeping in your home, but we believe you’ll need to protect them over time. One way to keep them away from prying eyes is to use a high-quality stainless steel security door and frame. Such a combination ensures an impenetrable line of defence against burglars and unwanted visitors. Below is the primary reason why you’ll need a security door made of stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Safety Door | SLEPUNE
Variety of Uses

Think of louvre doors, fire exit doors, or communal entrance doors; all these can be customized using stainless steel material. Moreover, they can easily be installed with standard fixing tools, but some stainless-steel safety doors come with installation instructions and seamless tools. You can use these doors in offices, homes, or stores, so they are ideal for any use.

Finishing Option

Stainless steel doors give consumers the opportunity for customization so they can have the doors that they like. They often have a primer finish, and you can paint on the spot or choose an already painted stainless steel door with a powder-coated colour finish. I can help you to choose a door that rhymes your decoration. Furthermore, you can find stainless steel doors having decorative trips, patterns, and wood finishes, and these types are ideal for domestic properties. 

Locking Options

Another fundamental reason for choosing stainless steel safety doors is because they are compatible with many lock systems. If you install a safety door, but you haven’t mounted a locking system, then anyone can intrude on your home when you do not expect. With this kind of entry on your property, you can either opt for magnetic locks, push pads, deadlocks, panic bars, or a multi-locking system. 
Moreover, door selectors, limit stays, door closers, top panels, and side panels are the door extras. These doors are so strong that there is no chance that someone will get through quickly when installed correctly. 

Stainless Steel Safety Door Prevent Burglary

There is a high chance that robbers will ignore your property if they notice a stainless-steel door. This kind of material is hard to a break-in, mainly when it’s used in a doorway. It may take time to dismantle the door, the time which we believe buglers don’t have. It’s common for burglars to attack PVC or wooden safety doors but not stainless-steel doors because of stainless steel’s durability.

Automatic Shutdown

It’s straightforward to customize your stainless safety doors as you can design them to auto-close if it’s left open. It is a measure that adds another layer of safety to your home, so it will always be closed whenever you are away. It will be tough for someone to gain access to your home while you are away. Some manufacturers will even allow you to control your door remotely through their apps or website.

Stainless Steel Safety Doors Buying Guide

How many companies out there do you know that manufacture stainless steel safety doors? What’s the probability that they all produce high-quality products? Well, it may take you time to choose the best stainless steel security door, but you can consider the following factors to come up with the most durable, reliable, and sleek door. 

  • Meeting the standards: not all security doors will offer ideal protection; that is why it’s crucial to buy stainless steel doors that meet the state requirements. If you are from Australia, then be sure that it complies with the Australian Standard AS5039-2008. Otherwise, you may buy a clone of a safety door.
  • Locks: if you need a reliable and robust safety door, you should look for a 5-pin cylinder key lock. Moreover, a 3-point lock will prevent the top and bottom of the door from being wrenched by an intruder. Furthermore, it’s capable of spreading the force thrown at it.  
  • Hinges: no matter the material used in making your safety door, the choice of low-quality hunger will always degrade the door quality. Therefore, look for three hinges with fixed hinge pins that are immovable. “dog bolt” or fixed steel pin welded on a hinge leaf is better than that pressed on the hinge leaf. 
  • Frame: another essential factor to consider is the frame choice. With a low-quality frame, your high-end door may never last longer or serve its purpose. You can find steels made of aluminium, steel, or stainless steel. The choice is yours, but it chooses an affordable, sturdy, and durable frame.
  • Grill: the grill cords should be made of thick material to enhance strength and safety. However, if the grills aren’t fitted perfectly on the frame, they may not serve their purpose. 
Stainless Steel Safety Door | SLEPUNE

Stainless steel safety door is the best safety measure you can install in your home. Do not worry about the cost because you can save a lot by buying a durable and reliable safety door. However, it would help if you researched the company behind the stainless-steel security door before purchasing their product.