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Straight modular kitchen

Meta Description: Looking for a Straight Modular Kitchen for your Small Kitchen Areas? Does your old kitchen need remodeling? Consider yourself lucky to have reached here! 

Why Straight Modular Kitchen?
Straight Modular Kitchens design is an ideal design for homes with compact spaces. This design has been developed especially for micro families. Its practical layout help to make the most out of the small space available in your kitchen space without compromising with the comfort of the cooking or reducing the room area. The slim and sleek stainless-steel cabinets and modular kitchen accessories will give you ample storage space with a touch of modernity. 

Straight Modular Kitchen is the heart of the house. It is a perfect match for smaller families like apartments, flats, condominiums, or lofts. All-new cabinets, oven, refrigerator, sink, microwave, and other appliances fixed against one wall. The design popularly known as the single wall layout leaves the primary working area open for freeflow. If the kitchen space is big, you can go for an auxiliary island for meal prepping or fine dining. A straight modular kitchen will enhance the overall beauty of your home. 

 Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen in a straight kitchen design is a versatile option. One of the most liked qualities of stainless steel is that it reflects and bounces light which makes the entire area brighter. Since the SS grade, Modular kitchen is made up of pure hollow steel, the cabinets are designed using foam or rubber lining so that the steel doesn’t produce much noise. All parts of a stainless-steel modular kitchen are pre-assembled at the factory for hassle-free installation. It offers a permanent solution to the modular kitchen of your dreams.

Straight Modular Kitchen | SLEPUNE
Straight Modular Kitchen | SLEPUNE
Advantages of a straight modular kitchen
  • All designs of a straight modular kitchen layout are designed according to the needs and requirements of an individual. 
  • Accurate positioning of the wide variety of stainless-steel drawers and cabinets, cooking appliances, storage units, dishwashers, and much more ensure flawless working in the kitchen. 
  • Straight Kitchen design is loved by all for the way drawer systems, cabinets, organizers, baskets, and pantry units are installed. 
  • Easy Access to appliances
  • The finished design is of finer quality 
  • Cabinets, shelves can be assembled, disassembled, or removed without being a bother.
Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets can be customized to add a modern and trendy look to your kitchen.
  • Pull-out cabinets are easier to move in and out. 
  • Base cabinets can be customized according to your choice of height, length, and depth 
  • Design is compatible with most Indian kitchen designs. 
  • Corner cabinets easily fill up the gaps and free corners.
  • Wall cabinets provide extra room for storage. 
Straight Modular Kitchen | SLEPUNE

Stainless steel cabinets can be installed with metallic finishing, add-on distinctive colors, and interior panels to add elegance to your modular kitchen. 

The kitchen is an important part of any house that needs very much attention while you are designing your dream home! Most kitchens are designed keeping in mind the space and the requirements of an individual. A straight kitchen design, as we said, is a one-wall kitchen layout with everything installed on a wall.

The best thing about Straight modular kitchen designs is that they are the most economical options you have in modular kitchen designs. Perfect for homeowners who have a limited budget and space. It can accept minimal aesthetics while adding the décor essence to your kitchen. A gallery-shaped or L-shaped kitchen is a part of a Straight kitchen design. The design is quite popular in houses that have second kitchen space for special occasions only.
If you have a small kitchen space, you are advised to opt for a straight Modular kitchen design. Even if, you have a middle-size or large-size kitchen, you can go for this layout. For homemakers, looking for an open kitchen, this layout is the best option since it doesn’t require a huge workspace and the layout can easily mix into the rest of the décor.

Some useful tips and tricks to enhance the functionality of a straight Modular kitchen:

  • It is advised to maintain a significant distance between the sink, hob, and place for appliances so that you can cook peacefully.
  • You can opt for a double row of cabinetry to maximize your storage space. You can either look for two rows of storage under the countertop or go for lower cabinetry and hanging cabinetry above the cooking space but on the same wall to go with the straight design.
  • For homes with more kitchen space, this design may not be a good choice.
  • You can hire an interior designer to design a beautiful area for all your kitchen.
  • Do some research and make sure you have a proper working and moving space.
  • You can look for a professional interior designer to help you to design a perfect kitchen.
  • Apart from the design of your modular kitchen, focus on the electrical sockets so that you don’t have to move the electrical appliances over and again to use them.
  • If you are planning for an open kitchen area, don’t forget to add sliding doors or curtains to cover up the mess.  
  • Try to use the area under and over the cooktop to store items of your daily needs.

Modular Kitchen | SLEPUNE
Straight Modular Kitchen | SLEPUNE

A kitchen is a special place in a home. There can be a variety of reasons why people love to recreate their kitchen the similar way they create their bedroom after the wedding. The cooking area is the most valuable part of our homes where homemakers spend most of their time cooking delicious food for you. To keep interested in cooking growing, it is the responsibility of every person to give homemakers, a cooking space, they love to cook. Modular kitchens are trending these days and so are the straight kitchen designs. They look classy, stylish, and contemporary, and moreover add a completely new look to your cooking area. Modular kitchen has revolutionized the way traditional people used to design their kitchen. Today, people are smart and know how to upgrade their kitchen their way.