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Hettich Kitchens are available with everything you are looking for remodeling your old kitchen into traditional, modern, or a combination of both. Modular kitchens are one of the elements most homemakers wish for while remodeling their kitchen for the reason of organization and maximized storage space. What makes this kitchen concept better than the traditional one is its simple and elegant design with clean finishing. More people have started demanding Hettich Kitchens for modular kitchen. A major constraint when it comes to designing a modular kitchen for a home is the price. If a buyer has set a kitchen budget beforehand then he or she may not have to deal with the hidden surprises and shocks that may dig a deeper hole in the pocket. So, before making up your mind, we are here with the estimated cost of Hettich Modular Kitchen. Go through this description to get a brief idea about the overall cost of a Hettich Kitchen.

Understanding & Cost Hettich Kitchens

Hettich-a well-recognized German brand known for manufacturing premium-quality hardware and fitting accessories like hinges, door handles, cabinet drawer systems, cabinet drawer runners, pull-out baskets, tall units, modular corner units, fittings, etc. for your modular kitchen. So, a Hettich Kitchen doesn’t mean a kitchen by itself but the small components that make a modular kitchen.  Well, it is not possible to write a single figure and confirm that “this is the price of the Hettich Kitchen”. According to a rough estimate, the cost of Hettich Kitchen starts from somewhere around 1.25 lakh and can go up to 6 lakhs depending on your choice of material, finishing, laminate, layout, appliances, and other accessories. For a straight kitchen layout of 5ft with BWP Ply, the cost of Hettich Kitchen would be Rs.1,24,000. This is the starting price and goes up with the increasing area. L-Shaped kitchen and U-shaped kitchen accessories are also available with Hettich and the overall cost of those kitchens go up to Rs.4,30,0000. This cost is just an assumption including Hettich hinges and channels and standard Hettich Baskets only. It does not include kitchen hardware and fittings like Magic Corner, drawers, Cosario, Carousel, large baskets, etc. These fittings can add cost. To get an overall estimate, you can visit a website. 

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 Factors affecting the cost of a Hettich Kitchens?

  • Shape and size of kitchen

The cost of the Hettich kitchen differs from person to person depending on various factors. The shape and the size are the first most factors that can increase or decrease the price of a kitchen to a great extent. This is because, with the increasing size and shape, the number of cabinets, accessories, and appliances will change, which, in turn, will change the cost as well. The trending kitchen shapes are

  • Island layout Modular Kitchen
  • L-shaped Modular Kitchen
  • Parallel Modular Kitchen
  • Straight Modular Kitchen
  • U-shaped Modular Kitchen

The larger the size of a kitchen is, the higher the cost will be. For example, A large-sized U-shaped Modular kitchen can accommodate more modules like cabinets, drawers, doors, accessories, and appliances as compared to a small-sized straight kitchen, and hence, the cost of the U-shaped kitchen with all modules will be more than the straight kitchen.

  • Cabinet and shutters Material can change the price too.

Kitchen cabinets can be made from different materials including solid wood, plywood, fiberboard, and particleboard. These materials are available in different grades and each grade has different properties like quality, strength, size, thickness, and cost as well. The best thing about Hettich is that accessories can be customized to fit the type of material chosen to make kitchen cabinets or shutters. Thus, you can get a smart cooking environment for your homemaker in a super easy and budget-friendly way.

  • Surface finishing 

There are surface laminates like Matt Finish, Laminate gloss Finish, Acrylic finish, Polyurethane finish, Glass finish, membrane finish, and veneer finish that are applied on the surface to give a rich feel to your dull kitchen. These finishing’s are available in multiple colors so that you can match your kitchen colors to your home and add a contrast or matching combination. 

  • Accessories can change the price.

There are so many options available in accessories that can change the price of the Hettich Kitchens, which includes.

  • Base units
  • Cabinet hardware like knobs, handles, etc.
  • Corner solutions
  • Drawer accessories
  • Drawer runners
  • Drawer systems
  • Flap fittings
  • Hinges
  • Midway series
  • Overhead units
  • Pull out shelves
  • Sliding and folding cabinet door systems
  • Tall/pantry units

This list contains so many accessories and all of them are available in different shapes and sizes to match the cabinet module. And this is the reason why the cost of each accessory differs from person to person depending on the type of module it will be used on. The two major benefits of using Hettich accessories are: they make storage space convenient and easily accessible to the person cooking in the kitchen. They organize the kitchen essentials in a very smart way. 

  • Total count of accessories used.

This doesn’t need any explanation. The higher the number of accessories you are using inside your kitchen, the higher will be the cost of the kitchen. The factors that decide the total count of accessories are the size of the kitchen, the size of the cabinets and drawers, the design of the kitchen, and your area of interest. 

For example: If you want to install an island unit in your kitchen, you need to include the cabinets and drawers beneath the worktop because it is one of the basic steps of the Island layout. In that case, the number of accessories will rise and so does the cost of your kitchen. 

As we just saw, many factors decide the overall cost of the Hettich kitchens, from the size of the kitchen space, culinary space to the number of accessories you are planning to install. In case, you want to get started, just contact a professional interior designer.