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Parallel modular kitchen

Cooking has become an interesting project with the advent of a spectacular Parallel modular kitchen. These kitchens have transformed the home décor.The kitchen is all about grandeur. The sleek storage space with easy movement on the floor space adds modernity to your kitchen. Located in the heart of the home is the most utilitarian room – the kitchen. Whether you’re a professional chef or a loving baker, the value of a well-organized kitchen is obvious. However, this is one of the complicated spaces of your house that is notoriously difficult to design. You are lucky that you have this guide with one of the most efficient layouts – the parallel kitchen. This layout is also known as a galley kitchen and is perfect for small homes or homes with one-cook kitchens. The overall look of this layout is almost similar to an alleyway, you get an option to store on both sides of the kitchen. A simple and smart design with ample storage space on either side of the hallway. A tint of tangerine can brighten up your day! This layout is best for working-class women and chefs who want to explore cooking. Moreover, you can look for Vastu-approved colors to add a positive aura to your kitchen.

What does a parallel Modular kitchen mean?

A parallel or galley kitchen is a simple kitchen layout with a narrow hallway space that contains two walls on either side with a passageway between them. This design comes loaded with base and wall cabinets on either side, with no corners.

Reasons to choose a parallel Modular kitchen

Parallel Modular kitchen designs are superior to other designs. Be it ergonomics, design, layout, or appliances, this design never fails to impress homemakers, guests, and family members. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for the parallel kitchen:

Noteworthy Things about a parallel Modular kitchen

Some of Parallel Modular Kitchen designs for inspiration.

  1. A sleek design with a pop of color.
  2. Add an island to the design- The peninsula layout adds more space to your kitchen with an all-open design that is visually light. The prep counter can be used as a breakfast counter when you’re done with the cooking job!
  3. Ideal for compact-sized homes. The parallel layout may look small, the storage size is as good as a normal kitchen. You can also use towel hangers on the cabinets to hold cutlery.
  4. A multi-purpose layout. Parallel design is not just about the color contrast, but the efficient layout has plenty of space for prep. Hosting parties becomes easier when the kitchen has ample space.
  5. Look for Vastu-approved colors.
  6. A kitchen that works for you. If you have a big family but a small home, this kitchen layout is best for you. Allow minimum disruption to any kitchen-related work with this design.
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Parallel Modular Kitchen designs that work for you

For people who believe that the white kitchen furniture is more likely to get stained, we’ve like to use one word for you – quartz. An all-white parallel kitchen design is a winner for many reasons. All-white color not only make your cooking area elegant and posh but also makes it look airy, which is extremely important in a tiny kitchen space. 

A bright-colored bold design is good enough to turn heads. Red color, for example, is believed to ramp up people’s appetite and make them feel hungrier. A bold red color not only looks stunning but also enliven the rest of your abode. A red-colored parallel kitchen interior design is a perfect example of Indian 

A good parallel kitchen design should have sleekness in every corner. You can’t afford to have a narrow walking space and have cabinets protruding from both sides. A sleek black design organized into a flat plane on both parallels is something more than just freeing up working space. When combined with the right backsplash lighting, this design is a perfect example of simplicity and class.

With enough room in your kitchen, consider a contemporary wooden parallel design paired with a sleek marble island located in the center. This design is durable and can be customized. A parallel modular kitchen design with a wooden finishing is one of the trending designs on a parallel kitchen platform. 

If you’re a family of 4+, a compact size parallel kitchen design simply won’t be enough. The More the number of family members in a house, the more is space required. But it’s rather difficult to survive in all those strange circumstances, especially if space is your prime concern. Parallel kitchen design is a space saver that uses every inch of the kitchen floor. A white space-saver parallel modular kitchen design with large cabinets mounted on either side of the wall is one of the best kitchens in the catalog. 

A more artistic way to remodel your kitchen will be to use natural stones like marble or granite for worktops in your parallel kitchen design. All those designs look vintage and royal adding an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.